Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tie Me Up & Make Me Blow You - Chapter 8

Chapter 8
"I like it when you call me princess. You make me feel like one and I like savoring the thought of being the princess of your fantasy island. I'll be your princess forever and ever," she said giving him a smile that would make anyone want her as his princess.

"Back to our sexual fantasy," he said smiling with her. "We are doomed to spend the rest of our lives on this little island alone," he said repeating his smile only more widely this time. "Yes, I like this game," he said appearing satisfied that she finally came up with a game that he could play. "I could live with you as my only woman for the rest of my life."

"Thank you," she said. "I'm glad you like this game," she said with a sexy smile, "because I do, too," she said giving him a sexy look. "You make it sound like you've played this game before. You make it sound like this is your real fantasy."

"This is a game and the perfect game that I can play with you," he said with a lustful stare. "You are the rich bitch, the spoiled princess, and I am your hired hand. You treat me with disrespect and distain. I am beneath you, but once on the island, I am more than your equal, I am your superior and as it turns out, I am your savior. Because of my survival skills of being able to start a fire, build a shelter, find food, and catch fish, you look up to me and depend on me to sustain your miserable and undeserving life."

"Do you slap me around a bit?"


"Do you rip off my clothes?"


"Do you tie me to a tree and have your way with me?"

"No, Princess. Not in this game. This is my game. Now, just listen and be quiet," he said chuckling at her continual interruptions.

"Okay, I'll be quiet," she said returning his laugh and sexy stare.

"Now, instead of looking down on me and instead of giving me your disdain, you give me your friendship and cooperation because you need me to take care of you.. Now, you want me and instead of me trying to seduce you, you willingly offer me sex for food, comfort, and shelter. Only, now, I am the one who resists you."

"Oh, I like this game even better than you hitting me and tying me to a tree. I really like this game, I do. This game could be my favorite all time game. I could play this game every day," she said smiling at him seductively. "This game reminds me of that movie, Swept Away. Madonna and her husband director, Guy Ritchie, made it, but it was terrible. All she did throughout the entire movie was to pose and show off her buff body. She is a terrible actress."

"The original movie, an Italian made movie, by the same name, was much better," he said. "It was so much more erotic. The actors did a realistic job in playing their roles. There was more tension and hate between the two. It was hot, very hot, especially in the end when they fall in love with one another."

"Yes, I saw the original movie, too," she said. "It was erotic the way they developed the characters on board the yacht. Then, when they turned and twisted them around after a storm destroyed their boat, it was erotic fun to watch when they reversed their roles, once they were lost at sea and stuck together on the deserted island. It was such a strange fate of events that brought them together when they were so far apart on everything in life."

"You could say that about us, don't you think, Princess? Here we are two people from the opposite sides of the tracks and at the far end of the spectrum of life only to come together in your bedroom while you are tied to the bed and nearly naked," he said staring at her body. "Normally, had we met out in public, you'd take the lead and put me in my place. Alas, with you tied to the bed, I am in control," he said with a laugh. "Another man would take advantage of this situation and of you, but I won't. I'm content just to stand here and admire you and to stay with you for a while longer."

"Yes, you could say that about us, too. We are very different," she said looking at him without talking for a while. Her mind flashed from the movie to her present situation. He was exciting her with his imagination. She liked how he thought. She liked it when he told her to be quiet and just to listen. "I agree with you that we have lived very different lives and just as in real life now, in the movie, you could feel the hatred they had for one another," she said. "I felt that for you when you stole my pearls. If I had a gun, I would have shot you, I think, to save my precious pearls."

"There's more to life than pearls, Princess."

"Yes, of course, I agree, they are just pearls. Just like the shell of a mollusk, they are just calcium carbonate in minute crystalline form, which has been deposited in concentric layers. Yet their story in Swept Away was a political story, the communist/socialist poor man against the imperialistic rich bitch. He was the hired help, subservient to her in every way, yet, once they were swept away; he was the one who could take care of everything she needed to survive. He was the one who was at the top of the chain instead of at the bottom. He was the one that she depended upon to save her."

"Is that how you see yourself as a rich, bitch and at the top of the chain?"

"I may be rich, but I'm not anyone's bitch, I can assure you that. And yes, able to afford to go anywhere, do anything, and buy everything at any time, I would determine that to be top of the chain. Wouldn't you? Wealth after all is time."

"How do you mean?"

"The more wealth you have, the more you can afford to hire people to take care of those things that you don't want to do and the more time you have for yourself and for the those things that you want to do."

"Ah, yes, money does allow you to look at everything differently, I guess," he said.

"Everything and everyone has a price in this world, even freedom, especially freedom, and freedom is time. Time is money. Time cost money," she said suddenly looking saddened with her words.

"Yes, I agree with you. Everyone has a price, Princess," he said with a smile. "Your price was those pearls. I imagine even though they are very expensive and are very special to you; the monetary value is not why they mean so much to you. I imagined you sacrificed much more than they are worth."

She looked away from him, but it was obvious that what he said was getting to her. It was as if he could read her thoughts. She bit her lip before she spoke again.

"I liked it in the movie when they kissed and made love. Only, it was after he forced himself upon her and after she rejected him. That scene was the height of the tension in the movie, I thought. Then, after spending time on the island, she wanted him and wanted to be with him. Only, now, he rejected her and that was a nice twist."

"How so?"

"Think about it. What man alone on a deserted island with a beautiful woman would reject her? It takes a special man to have that kind of will power."

"Am I such a man?"

"Yes, I think you are, otherwise, you would have had your way with me already and then you would have left with my pearls."

"I see. So, you don't think that I'll have my way with you?"

"Oh, I think you will."

"And you don't think that I'll leave with your pearls."

"I don't know," she said staring at him before answering more. "I hope you won't."

The tension in the movie, much like the tension in this room, was well done going back and forth between the characters' wants, needs, and desires. Then, when they finally came together, you could tell that they were in love. It was all so romantic and the tension is what maintained my interest then as now."

"I think it was a very sensually erotic movie and very well done. The location budget and costume budget for that movie must have been nil, though," he said with a laugh..

"Yeah, then in the end it was so romantic when you thought that they would return to the way that they had lived their lives only to reach out for one another and continue their love affair. She had fallen in love with him and he had fallen in love with her." She closed her eyes and swooned.. "It was so romantic."

"Truly it was as romantic as it was erotic," he said staring at her.

She looked at him with a look she had never given any man. In the past with her it had always been about sex. Now, it was more than that. Now, it was more about love, love that she never knew she could have. Was this it? Was this what she was feeling? How do you know if you've never felt love before?

Suddenly, instead of him just being a burglar, he had become her suitor, her confidant, and her friend. As a new game player of yet one more of her sexual games, so she thought, he'd soon become her lover, so she hoped. Only, this time, she was more excited to play a game with him than she had been excited to play a game with anyone else before. This seemed more than just a game and she was right to feel that way because, this time, unbeknownst to the both of them yet, this game wasn't a game, but it was real life and this was the real thing.

"Is this kismet that you are here with me now," she said with a light heartedness to her spirit created by her comfortableness with him, "that you are robbing my house with me helplessly tied to the bed?" She was unguarded now and vulnerable, which is why, perhaps, he was able to read her so easily. Feebly she feigned at pulling against her ties again. "Are you my hero? Will you save me from myself? Will I fall madly in love with you? Will we escape to our own deserted island and live out our life in bliss? Will our fantasy become reality?"

She had no idea how right she was. Perhaps, subconsciously she already knew. Perhaps, he would be her hero. Perhaps, this dark knight would become her handsome prince, only instead of riding in on a white horse; he rode in on a white, rented golf cart. She wondered if she could see living happily ever after with him?

In the next chapter Kathy and the burglar make a connection.

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